Adventures in Open Source




Alligator is an RSS feed reader that works well on desktop and mobile devices. It's the first application I build using C++ and QML. Development started in early 2020.


NeoChat is a client for matrix, the decentralized protocol. Together with Carl Schwan, I've been developing and maintaining NeoChat since 2020.

Major features I have developed include

  • The login flow
  • Emoji handling
  • End-to-end encryption (implemented in libQuotient)
  • Device verification
  • Message search
  • Autocompletion for users, rooms, commands and emojis

I am currently working on:

  • Advanced parts of end-to-end encryption (Cross-Signing, SSSS, etc.)
  • Voice and Video Calls using WebRTC (!366)
  • Account Registration (!77)
  • Support for sticker packs (!321)
  • Support for push notifications (!458)
  • Sending and Showing location events (!311 and !312)


Kasts is a podcast player developed for mobile and desktop devices. I'm maintaining it together with Bart de Vries. It was split of from Alligator in 2021.

Major features I have developed include

  • The RSS feed base
  • Basic download and playback of episodes
  • Custom GStreamer pipeline to fix playback issues
  • Showing chapter images
  • Loading chapter marks from tags embedded in files
  • Searching for podcasts on

I am currently working on:

  • Improving the integration with android (Multimedia notifications, etc. !29)
  • Showing chapter marks in the progress slider (!53)



My contributions to plasma include:

  • Porting the Default Applications KCM to QML (!142)
  • Various smaller fixes
  • Porting plasma and frameworks away from deprecated code and towards KF6 and Plasma 6

I am currently working on:

  • Porting the network KCM to QML (!190)